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Uploaded 17 червня 2017

Recorded травня 2016

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біля Bolobo, Mai Ndombe (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

The day started in the lovely mission in Bolobo, this was probably the hardest day in Congo when it comes to navigating. You can't trust maps or OSM because of collapsed bridges and roads consumed by swamps which make this region a true maze. You can't trust the locals, since all they seem to know is in which direction Kinshasha[sic] lies.

Beautiful riding tough; single tracks through grass 3m high, through rainforests and over makeshift bridges and under huge fallen trees. Definitely a highlight.

My day ended in a guesthouse in the middle of nowhere, right after the road conditions improved. I bought a can of sardines and sandy bread in the local groceries store which is a 5min walk on a footpath lined with fireflies away from the guesthouse.


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