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Uploaded 17 червня 2017

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біля Rutshatsh, Lualaba (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Same as before, towards the end the roads improve ever so slightly, but they're still not for fast progress. Some water crossings, so prepare yourself to get your feet wet. I could have made it farther, but at this point my bike didn't have any power at all left due to clogged fuel lines. It made riding on soft ground a little more difficult, I burned my clutch in the process but could still limp to Pretoria.

I ended up sleeping in an abandoned cotton platation Societe Cotolou. Unfortunately I bailed early in the morning in order to dodge a $20 bill they wanted to charge me. Not my proudest moment. My first rule of travelling is not to cross anybody in order not to make travelling for the ones coming after me more complicated, I broke that one rule at Cotolou.


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