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біля Udenbreth, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

This loipe at the wintersport center at Weißer Stein offers a view of the downhill skiing area but also takes you through a quieter forest area below the downhill slope. I was here early, but it becomes very busy later in the day when the snow conditions are good, and then it is not ideal for cross-country skiing. There is a stretch of downhill skiing on this loipe, which is not so easy with cross-country skis when the snow is a bit icy like it was on the day I did this track. There is paid parking and a restaurant at the start. See http://weisserstein.info/ and http://www.weisserstein.info/pgs/loipen.php for more information, e.g. on snow height.
You first ski flat until you get to the upper reach of the downhill ski slope. You ski along this slope and go down at the edge. When you are down you ski between snowmen to the foot of the ski slope. Here you enter a winding forest track. On forest roads you go mostly down, crossing a stream, until you get to the foot of the pasture which takes you up to the ski slope again. From the snowmen the route up is the same as the route down.

Above the ski slope

Here you have a good view down the ski and sledge slope.

Below the ski slope

Below the ski slope is an area where people make snowmen.

Downhill slope

Here you have to ski down along the downhill sledge and ski slope.

Forest road

A winding forest road takes you further down.

Start loipe Weißer Stein

Here the loipe starts.

Uphill through pasture

From here you go uphill through pasture to the top of the ski slope.


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