66 m
-8 m
60,7 km

Переглянуто 1500 раз(и), завантажено 8 раз(и)

біля Norwich, England (United Kingdom)

The route follows the River Yare on a delightful journey from Norwich to Great Yarmouth. It takes its name from the Wherry – a large cargo-carrying barge that sailed on these waters. It is an excellent way to explore The Broads using safe traffic free paths for about 80% of the route.
It needs to be noted that if cycling is intended, then it is only suitable for mountain bikes. Many sections are too bumpy for anything other than a strong mountain bike.
For more information, please click on http://www.wherrymansway.net
It starts in Norwich, at the railway station and follows National Cycle Route 1 to reach Whitlingham Country Park and beyond, to the proper River Yare. It then goes as close as possible to the the river. Sometimes the path is very narrow. On one or two occasions we had to push the bike. The river wall is wide enough though bumpy. At other times the route passes along sections of footpath so you have to push the bike and give way to walkers. When it is not possible to follow the river, the route goes a little inland and takes quiet lanes.
The main towns are Chedgrave, Loddon and Reedham. To reach the latter you have to cross the river on the chain ferry. It runs every day from 8.00 to 22.00.
Beyond Reedham the route takes the river wall all the way to Great Yarmouth. Here you can really feel you are on The Broads – windmills, cows on flat meadows, wide horizons and open skies and all with the river never far away. Approaching the final stages, there are many gates to pass through. This is an inconvenience for bikes though it is worth it for the sheer beauty of the route.
The way finishes in Great Yarmouth, beside an information board where three routes join – Wherryman’s Way, Weavers’ Way and Angles Way. This will be a source of inspiration for those who further wish to explore this region.

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