Randy Rasa
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  • Фото Mt. Lehigh

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Uploaded 17 червня 2016

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біля Bassett, Kansas (United States)

This trail is a quick singletrack loop that runs to the top of the highest elevation at Lehigh Portland Trails -- Mt. Lehigh! The trail begins at the Eastern Trailhead parking lot, with a twisting run through a heavy growth of cedar, followed by a short climb and then a path through hardwoods as the route circles the hill. After a quick glimpse of sparkling Lake Lehigh through the trees atop a bluff, the trail begins to drop, through a couple of sweeping switchbacks, to the broad tableland below, where it winds among cedar trees before crossing a small meadow and then climbing once more. After some tight-and-twisty among rocks, fallen trees, and towering hardwoods, the trail reaches the summit and passes by a rock cairn before dropping back to the beginning via several graceful curving turns. The majority of the trail is very accessible to all riders, with a few more challenging features -- rocks and log-overs, primarily -- to help new riders gain confidence and skills. The Mt. Lehigh Trail serves as a friendly introduction to the Lehigh Portland Trails system.


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