2 422 m
661 m
25,16 km

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біля Pramestrale, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italia)

Vinschgau trails; Schartlkamm trail. One of the most beautiful enduro trails in the Vinschgau area. Firtst with Vinschgau Freeride shuttle up to 1540m, than a steep bike climb starts over 600 vertical meters up till 2127m. That's the start of the 300 meter vertical hike with bike up to 2422m. There is the start of the amazing Göflaner Schartelkamm trail back into the Vinschgauer valley. 1740 meters vertical of pure adranalin and fun. One of the rides during the Sacred RIdes Enduro Alpen Thrill tour!
Fitness: 4*
Technical: 5*
Risk: 3*
Difficulty: S1, S2
Vertical meters: 1740m
Facts; last bit up is 1 hour carrying your bike!
With Shuttle: 18,6km
Without shuttle: 32,4km


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