2 435 m
752 m
39,54 km

Переглянуто 10 раз(и), завантажено 1 раз(и)

біля Mörel, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

First attempt at taking a look the Aletsch Glacier through the panorama path. 15 Sep 2019 on fairly warm day.

Run in 5h 40 min net moving time so at around 7.0 kmh

The total climb is 2500 metres (using the more accurate Schweizmobil web).

There was one navigational error in Fiescheralp where we cut across some grazing meadows and then across bushes. I would recommend taking the higher paths from Fiescheralp to Bettmeralp, and not the one we took. The path we followed was essentially too narrow to run and with steep-ish section. Go to Schönbodensee instead.

On the way down from Riederalp the walking path was being subject to some water works and it was turned into a trench. We tried to just go down the grazing sections below the cable car. It was a bit of a mess. The path we took up from Mörel was better signalled. Had we known we would have gone down on the same path we used to get up.

Also, do you need to start in Mörel?. It adds a hefty 1200 extra meters of ascent in hardly 4 kilometres and what's worse 1200 metres of equally steep descent. The cable car is what most sensible people use (we did not, saved the cable car money but were quite tired after the first steep uphill hike).

The Aletsch Panorama route (n. 39) hardly contains any exposed sections, maybe a couple.

If you follow the route we did from Märjelen Dam you will have a very beautiful, not too narrow but airy path...with very good views .. it is sufficiently wide for running but you will see "Absturzgefahr" sign in one or two places. So be careful. If you want to avoid that there is a path from GletscherStube which takes you to the 1km Tälligrat tunnel (I suspect this is the one mountainbikers use).


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