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  • Фото Trans-Alta

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Uploaded 13 липня 2016

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біля Waiparous, Alberta (Canada)

Basically you are driving up a large washout. There are a few times you will need to cross through the river. Basically go until you are bored and turn around. It is more of a sight-seeing trip than and offroading trip. There are places to climb, pictures to take and a great spot for lunch.

**Remember to respect the land, do not drive through the river unless necessary**
**Tread Lightly**

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  • David Buck 25 вер. 2016

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    Bit boring at the start but very nice views once you get to the river.
    Easy enough trail as long as you have decent tires.

  • Slanktapper 17 лип. 2017

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    The end of this trail is only open Dec1-Mar31 (Winter). In the summer the views are awesome and the trail is easy.

  • C J Williams 19 трав. 2020

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    Awesome beginner trail! Basically a rough backroad for the first half. 2 fun hills in that part that weren’t overly difficult. Then you get to the riverbed. Easy to follow. There’s a couple crossings. Nothing too technical. Check the levels before crossing, but if your vehicle made it to that point you’re probably good. It’s a stunning drive. Stop at the high point before you go down the big hill into the riverbed for some photos! Wide mountain ranges and beautiful scenery. There’s a point before the high point that I would say you’re not going to get past with any regular vehicle, but you can get to the first half and see some good scenes with almost anything when it’s dry. We did it with our Subaru Crosstrek (8.7inches of clearance) and I was comfortable, but you’re not taking your Equinox on the second half. But lots of pickup trucks and small “off-road” vehicles like Jeep SUVs and Subarus. Definitely recommend. Great camping spots all over, just check the map for where you can and can’t camp.

  • hollidca 19 трав. 2020

    Hi C J, we went the same route in our crosstrek (but we we had ALOT in the car) and we turned back at the lodges long before the river. How far did you guys go down the river and I take it you managed fine with the steep hill? Is your crosstrek stock with stock tires?

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