1 637 m
1 357 m
23,59 km

Переглянуто 2990 раз(и), завантажено 40 раз(и)

біля Waiparous, Alberta (Canada)

We did this run 3/09/2019! An awesome trail that leads you to some great ice climbing, with spectacular views and fun natural obstacles. Open from Dec. 1 - Mar. 31, this is an excellent route to travel if you're looking to do some winter trail chewin'.


-Decent ground clearance

-Lift kit
-Air compressor or Power Tank
-Bigger tires (33+)
-Hiking shoes
-Crampons for your shoes
-A doggo companion

The trail head is located just off of highway 40, and is approximately 1 hour WNW of Cochrane (we posted up in Cochrane Friday night, and made the run Saturday morning). We traveled west out of Cochrane on 1A until the highway 40 junction, which we took a right on and headed north to the trail head.

Once you hit the trail head, it's a good idea to air down (if you have a compressor or Power Tank) as the packed roads are wash boardy and this will greatly help with comfort. We ran 25PSI but I'd go 18-20PSI on the next go.

The run starts off with some cool narrow roads with varying elevation and grade changes. This soon transitions into a valley river bed that is covered in snow. The pack will depend on how many other 4x4's have come by, and the amount of snow fall. For us, there was a fair bit of unpacked snow with a clear line going in, but became really chewed up by other offroaders throughout the day.

TIP: Watch for the red diamonds on steel poles to ensure you're on the right pathway.

As you progress you'll encounter a few icy river crossings. Care must be taken to choose the right approach as the steep icy drop offs look like a good spot to break something. Slow and steady wins here as too much speed and you won't be able to stop (the ice is very slick). This could put your rig in a shitty position and create a bit of trouble.

Aside from the river crossings there's parts with deep snow where you gotta give'r, but overall it's pretty straight forward so enjoy it!

You'll know you're reaching the end because the massive frozen ice falls appear like something out of Game of Thrones. This is a good spot to catch some crazy climbers doing their thing and snag a few legit pictures.

Hope you enjoy - and if this trail map has been of use, please leave me a comment below.



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