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біля  Palma, Alajuela (Costa Rica)

The last 2/3 of this track is a rough 4x4 road full of pot holes, but there are many interesting thing there. First, the very nice Tabacòn hotel and its SPA. Just across the Tabacòn spas, on the north side of the small bridge, there are free "agua thermales". This is what comes out from Tabacòn river. Then you reach a metal bridge on Rio Caliente (the river ain't warm at all by the way). From this bridge at night, you can see lava flows on the Arenal but the spot get crowded during clear nights. You better go to LavaVIEW2 which is a bit further. On the road to the Margot, you can see the butterfly garden, and just before the Margot, there was supposedly a bridge. Since we had quite some rainy days, the Rio Negro was an impassable torrent (see pic). Finally, the Rancho Margot is a very nice biologic/self-sustained ranch with very friendly people and good food.
Costa-Rica Mars 2009
Free spot to get a dip on 43 degrees celcius hot water,
There was supposedly a bridge there. Since we had quite some rainy days, the Rio Negro was an impassable torrent.
Butterfly Conservatory
See some lava lows at night from that point. More tranquil.
See some lava lows at night from that point. Crowdy.
Organic Farm, have a drink.
This is the HOTEL
This is the SPA

3 коментарів

  • Фото Bernardo60

    Bernardo60 19 лют. 2011

    Did you find a direct route from Margot to Monteverde by car? Or is the only way by horse?

    Greetings from Costa Rica!

  • Фото StephaneD

    StephaneD 20 лют. 2011

    Unless the bridge is reconstructed (or the river is almost dry, which is unlikely), there is no direct route. Even if you can cross the river, the road that leads to Montverde might not be viable, even with a 4x4. You need to take a road in the west immediately after the bridge and that road is pretty steep.

  • Фото Pablo09

    Pablo09 27 груд. 2017

    Es una ruta súper sencilla , en toda la ruta se puede transitar en vehículo sencillo, se pasa al lado de la Laguna del arenal , al final se llega a un rio, que pasarlo en carro así sea 4x 4 es un sueño porque hay muchas piedras y el río es bastante caudaloso , las aguas termales que menciona la publicación es al inicio de la ruta , al lado de la vía principal. Pero se llena de mucha gente porque es gratuito

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