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біля Roseland, Florida (United States)

An easy 4+ mile R/T paddle up the North Prong of the Sebastian River. I've left the official boat ramps waypoints at Donald MacDonald Park and Dale Wimbrow Park along the South Prong on the map in case the location we put in is not available. Using those ramps will increase the paddle trip by approximately 3 miles. Our put in was at a small park on Bay St., also called 183rd Ave. in Roseland. There is no ramp at this location. We parked in a legal parking spot and found an opening in the bushes with access to the river. This spot has a gentle slope firm bottom, very nice push off. I also left the construction ramp at the end of Buffer Preserve Rd on the map just to help others avoid the unnecassary trip to check it out. There is no river access from that side of the river.

Our aim this day, besides a good paddle was to grab some local caches, TCD42, and TCD49. Mission accomplished. We exited our yaks at the North Prong Canoe Landing at N27 80.495 W80 31.135, but the landing is in disrepair so I edited out our stop. Unless you are a good climber don't plan on stopping here for the picnic table up above. During our paddle we saw plenty of birds and scared one big gator off his sunny bank as we approached. On the return trip we stayed behind the north side islands to avoid the wind coming down the main river which helped. All in all this was a nice paddle.
11-JAN-11 6:32:31AM
11-JAN-11 6:36:38AM
TP:T Con:R Ter:1 FFF0 5/16/200
TP:T Con:R Ter:1.5 FFF0 5/16/2 http://www.terracaching.com/viewcache.cgi?ID=TCD49
11-JAN-11 6:34:14AM

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  • Фото z_statman

    z_statman 17 січ. 2011

    I can't believe you actually showed my climbing skills in this public forum (lol) :)

    Beautiful area, now on to the South Prong!

  • Фото YourWorldExplorer

    YourWorldExplorer 12 серп. 2012

    I've never been on the North Prong. South Prong is my thing. https://www.wikiloc.com/kayaking-canoeing-trails/sebastian-river-paddle-north-prong-1400314/photo-463011

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