3 780 m
2 285 m
16,28 km

Переглянуто 2047 раз(и), завантажено 54 раз(и)

біля Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi (Japan)

Mt Fuji offseason´s main advantage is that you avoid crowds; with the additional advantageof going uphill and downhill through the same route, instead of the detour you must take if you go during climbing season.
Main disadvantage is that reaching 5th station is harder because regular transportation is not working. I decided to hire a car at Tokyo, so i get 5th station by car. Subaru Fuji line (the road that gets you from Fujiyoshida to 5th station) is a toll road, and opens at 3 am offseason. That means that, if you want to start climbing very early, you must approach to 5th station the day before (when i went there were many cars at the park site).
Climbing time without dealing with crowds is about 3:15 h uphill, 1 h around the crater and 2 h downhill.

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  • JENCK 29 трав. 2016

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    Off-season: the best period is autumn (October) under clear crisp sky. Suggestion: bivouac at the summitt, there are small buildings (temples) at the crater rim, but bring extra-warm clothes and sleeping bag. Avoid Spring time: piles of snow, risk of avalanche.
    Time uphill : take your time, 4 h.

  • Фото jchicar

    jchicar 29 трав. 2016

    Yes, october is a perfect option; not chilly yet, not snow, few people...Some people sleep in their car at 5th station, others go very early (at 3AM opens toll road), and others bivouac at the mountain...

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