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біля Kvíabryggja, Snafellsnes- og Hnappadalssysla (Ísland)

Looking completely unscalable, Kirkjufell ("Church Mountain" - no doubt a reference to the mountain's cathedral-like shape) towers over the little fishing village of Grundarfjörður. Although it probably wouldn't pose much of a challenge to serious climber, ordinary punters (like us!) are glad to find fixed ropes at three particularly "vertically challenging" spots. The GPS track is probably not that accurate, reception isn't at it's best on such a steep slope. Even if the data were accurate I wouldn't recommend trying this ascent without a local guide (Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson took excellent care of us). For photos press the title ("Kirkjufell") in blue above.

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23-SEP-06 13:38:28 - 23-SEP-06 13:38:28

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  • AlexBataller 29 лип. 2017

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    Easy, there are ropes at the top and you can climb to the top!

  • Фото Leifur Hákonarson

    Leifur Hákonarson 30 лип. 2017

    Well, "easy" it may be - but it is still dangerous - three weeks ago a hiker fell to her death from near the top.

    I repeat - if you want to be SAFE, engage a guide.

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