603 m
474 m
1,24 km

Переглянуто 1026 раз(и), завантажено 11 раз(и)

біля  Nouvelle Découverte, Moka (Mauritius)

This is a very short hike which ideally should be combined with another hike in the region such as Montagne Deux Mamelles a few kilometres away to the West.

Garden Knife recommended due to overgrown nature of path and summit area.

- Make your way to the starting point. It might be difficult to find suitable parking anywhere near the main road, so you may need to park further away and come back.
- Follow the untarred road uphill, and as you continue, you will go past a corrugated iron shack on your left. Leave the untarred path and walk towards the embankment on your right.
- You will enter a field of grass as high as your waist. This part does not really have a path and the track on the GPS will probably not exist when you visit this location. Make your own path where your aim is to reach the saddle between Mt Calebasses and the peak on the right.
- When you reach the saddle, follow the trail which is very overgrown but easy to follow on the ridge.
- You will soon arrive on the summit.
Summit of Montagne Calebasses
Starting point


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