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Does anyone wikiloc user have a similar experience as the following.

In Feb-MArch 2019, I posted five or six Wikilocs in China (PRC) that were also selected for posting on Google Earth. Recently these were all pulled off Google Earth but stayed on Wikiloc. All are high-ranked (51 and higher) by Wikiloc, in unique locations, with lots of good quality photos and helpful comments. My older trails in China selected for Google Earth years ago are still on Google Earth and Wikiloc.

I don't think I've changed my style of commenting or types of photos, and Wikiloc seems Ok with me because they maintain my trails with high scores. So could it be China took offence to something I posted on their territory? Or because I have a Vancouver, Canada profile? (Lady Meng Huawei issue?)

Is there anyone else that has had a batch of their trails all deleted from Google Earth at the same time? If so did you find out what happened to cause this? Any insight would be helpful because if its a result of an inadvertently offensive item I put up, I really don't have a clue what that might be.

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As I know wikiloc had good relation with google earth until last year, but recently google earth asked more for keeping relation with wikiloc for give service, and that relation was broken more or less, so don't worry about this decision and " take it easy ".
before not only low ranked trials were transferred and remained permanently on google earth but also eliminated tracks of wikiloc were remained as a symbol without any data. I had some of them and we was surprised and wanted to delete them and now every thing was changed.

another case which may happen is eliminating the click of wikiloc inside layer menu of google earth in the left side of page . check it.

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We are working with Google Earth engineers to solve the problems of the Google Earth layer for Wikiloc. But it takes time and it's not an easy task.

A lot of progress has been made recently, but we are still working on it.

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