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Hello, I recently started using Wikiloc and decided to get myself a Garmin Etrex 30 X to take with me on my walks. I bought this on the assumption that either wirelessly or by directly connecting the GPS to my imac that I could (easily) transfer the routes found on Wikiloc to the GPS. I have been trying to achieve this for almost a full afternoon now and I'm close to binning the thing and going back to my car!

The blurb on the Garmin site made it all sound very easy as did your site, it's not, at least not if UI try to follow the instructions. Very frustrated, anyone please give me clear and simple instructions to achieve this!

I don't know whether the GPS is not compatible or I'm just being plain thick, either way I would really appreciate any help anyone feels they can offer!
Thanks in advance.

Trails from Adrian Cabedo
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It looks like Etrex 30 does not support the features our one tap "Send to Garmin" from the app, so you will need to do it manually.

Here are some helpful links: ... to-garmin/ ... rRD4cLY4k9

The process is a bit cumbersome, that's why we made a very easy to use "Send to Garmin" feature. Unfortunately, not all Garmin devices support it.

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Many thanks! I’ll give that a shot!

Trails from Adrian Cabedo
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