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is it possibile that this tool still doesn't exist? Or it's only me that i'm not able to find it?
I think that could be very useful to insert this kind of tool also in the website, because in the app is already available and, personally, I use it a lot.
Most of all if you have a lot of trail saved under your account and you need to find one in few time, you cannot manage any kind of search into your own trail.
So you could improve search by different options: name, difficulties, lenght etc...

I can also suggest to fix another bug.
In "your trail" section (website), when you scroll through pages diffother than number 1, and need to edit one trail, after completing your editing, the website returns to page number 1, and you have to scroll back, until you find the page you were editing.

Thank you for your time and your incredible work!!

Trails from Stefania3
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Hello, Stefania3.
Stefania3 wrote: cannot manage any kind of search into your own trail...

You are right but, as far as Wikiloc is not suplying this functionality, you can:
  • Access to Your profile and click on the green Search button.
  • Access to World Map, click on the Filters button, check Your trails option and click on the green Apply filters button.
Both actions show you a map of only your own trails: here you can either search for trails using a text box (the scope of this search applies both to the trail name and its description) or zooming the map in order to view trails that starts just within the geographical area of your interest. Besides, the Filters button allows you to choice:
  • Activity type.
  • Distance.
  • Elevation gain.
  • Technical difficulty.
  • Trail type: loop or lineal.
  • Restrict the trails to one or more of your lists.
Best regards.

Trails from Nofahuer
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